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Grand Rapids racist skins sad about nazi association

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I can really condense it down to this on page two of this thread. I wouldn't call Todd a nazi, but perhaps a poor judge of character? He isn't a bad guy and making fun of anyone getting cancer is tasteless, even that Ben dude who is a huge piece of human waste.

Timmy Mac wrote:
toddkrabs wrote:WFS aint nazis!

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turn_coat wrote:Uhh I would never associate The Krabs with racism. Did they just get singled out for being skins in a band?

Krabs isn't being called a "racist" band although they have allowed nazi skins at their shows (yeah I remember the icepick in the 90's). He's an apologist for a group of his friends that are openly racist and try to be intimidating. He can't see anything wrong with his mates "because they just like to get drunk." You can't have it both ways. Todd loves to point out how he's a Choctaw. What the Fuck does that matter when you apologize for wannabe skinheads?

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