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RARE HC SHIRTS FOR SALE from Cold World, The Wrong Side, Have Heart, more...

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Cold World Posi Numbers 05 Final Show shirt w/Raekwon (M, $75 obo)

The Wrong Side Posi Numbers 05 Final Show (M, $50 obo)

The Banner Floorpunch rip long sleeve (M, $30)

Have Heart Think Fast era long sleeve (M, $50 obo)

Mental long sleeve (M, $40)

Desperate Measures 02 tour shirt (M, $20)

plus many more shirts roughly 10 years old. all in very good to perfect condition.
-Against Me! - Gainsville Florida emblem (2004, olive, M, $15)
-Bane - Torch (black, L, $10)
-Bane - holding this moment (navy, m, $10)
-Blue Monday - it's okay not to drink (blue, m, $25)
-Boysetsfire - crossbones est. 94 (maroon, m, $10)
-Brand New - Fight Off Your Demons (light blue, m, $25)
-Bus Pass - cartoon logo (white, m, $15)
-Converge - failure forever eye gold print (tan, m, $15)
-Converge - (M)end me euro tour 04 (black, m, $20)
-Crime In Stereo - is dead (b9 preorder bundle, black, s, $15)
-Down to Nothing - head split cartoon (blue, m, $10)
-Drug Test - axe zombie (black, m, $20)
-Ed Gein - greed, megalomania, religion (light blue, m, $10)
-Fireworks - mrdr city grandpa cartoon (green, s, $15)
-The Geeks - Think fast records/still I think the same (navy, m, $15)
-Gorilla Biscuits - start today/GB (long sleeve, navy, L, $40)
-Insted - block letters/cartoon (green, m, $15)
-Kids Like Us - Nintendo cartridge/zombie cartoon (grey, L, $15)
-Kill Your Idols - kabuki/snake (maroon, xl, $10)
-Mental - get an oxygen tank (purple, m, $15)
-Modern Life Is War - dead Ramones logo (black, Y/L, $15)
-No Warning - NW/Ill Blood (black, m, $10)
-Over My Dead Body - eagle/knives (black, m, $10)
-Polar Bear Club - sandwich (black, m, $10)
-Risky Business - raccoon vs pterodactyl cartoon (black, m, $15)
-Saves The Day - easy rider (black, m, $20)
-Side By Side - you're only young once (black, m, $10)
-The First Step - TFS/what we know (white, m, $30)
-Undying - for love of the world (navy, L, $15)
-Unearth - endless (black, m, $10)

please email dannyxdby@gmail.com for offers/inquiries/pictures/etc.

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