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Utilitarian Records interview (Small Brown Bike, Thoughts of Ionesco)

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Hey everyone! I've been reading threads on here for some time but this is the first time that I have something appropriate to post! I just published an interview I conducted with James Marks (The Vegetarian Grocer) about his 1990's record label, Utilitarian Records. The label worked with such bands as Small Brown Bike, Thoughts of Ionesco, Quixote, Lovesick, Cleons Down, Voglio Capirlo, This Robot Kills, Madison, Keleton DMD, Pressgang, The Middletown Project, The Little Rock Nine, M'Sagro Wen and Phillip Rizzi.

You can read the interview on my blog: http://abridgedpause.com/utilitarian-records

Hope you all enjoy it! I have more Michigan hardcore-related posts coming very soon!

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