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Keweenawesomefest 2013 - punk/electronica fest in the UP w/ Mustard Plug + more

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From the Facebook event page:

"WMTU's premiere music festival.

2 days of the best music from the Midwest.
2 different genres.
Countless hours of awesome.

April 12th - Punk/Ska/Hardcore

Mustard Plug
Stop Drop
Hot Lips Messiah
Last Action Hero
Slaves to the Pavement
Hollow Earth
Game Ender
Three on a Match

April 13th - Electronic Dance Music

Tom Berringer
DJ Last Name
Glint FX
Chaz Top!c
Skyler Shores"

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This will be interesting, to say the least. Is anyone on here from the UP?

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You beat me to it, Nick. Yeah, this will be interesting... Not very close to the lineup I proposed but at least a few of the bands got added!

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well i live in munising. ill more than likely be at the merlot mansion show on the 13th. keewanawesome? probably not

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