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Monday March 4th @ the Treefort: No Qualms // Knife Hits // Diane Rehms (First Show) // + 1 TBA

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This is War #6

Hardcore/Fastcore Rippers on tour from Florida:

No Qualms

Knife Hits

With Locals:

Diane Rehms (First Show)
New Grand Rapids / Lansing punk that's sure to be a HUGE disappoint in the best possible way...

+1 T.B.A.

This is gonna be on a Monday, but who cares!!! come out and have fun anyway! As always,
Veggie Potluck at 6:00, Bands at 7:00
5.00 Donation for touring bands
at The Treefort!

Flyer soon!


This house operates under a policy of mutual respect, This means that the following behaviors will NOT BE TOLERATED and can result in removal from our property and permanent expulsion.

Any language that could be interpreted as demeaning or abusive. This includes but not limited to discrimination based on gender, race, religious belief or sexual identity/orientation.

Violence including but not limited to fighting, overly aggressive dancing or intimidation.

Police are not welcome, so no behaviors that will attract the attention of the cowards in blue.

We operate our house and events under the banner of do it yourself ethics, which means we want to create a space where everyone is welcome and can feel comfortable. We are not unreasonable people and are always open to discussion, but when all is said and done this is our home and these are ideas we all feel are important to a happy and healthy counter culture. So please have fun but be courteous to those around you***

BOOKFACE: http://www.facebook.com/events/337432466375826/

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oh sweet, great way to spend spring break 13

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