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Buy my shit/Where should I sell these?

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1 Buy my shit/Where should I sell these? on Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:18 pm

I posted some records for sale 2 years ago and was lazy and didn't actually get rid of any. If you're interested in any of these email me (kimday@gmail.com) and we can meet up somewhere or whatever. Also, I hate using ebay and taking photos, and I doubt I'll be able to get rid of many through here, so what is the best store to sell this shit at? I was considering Flipside but am willing to wait til the next time I'm in Ann Arbor if it's worth it. I've never sold to a record store and am not sure if I should call beforehand to make sure someone who is semi-aware of punx/indie music is working, or will I just get a dollar per record no matter what?

LPs and 10"s

Kraut - Night of Rage - LP

The Prowl - Misery - 10"

The Party of Helicopters - Space..and how sweet it was - LP

The Party of Helicopters - The first two years conquering the tundra - LP, red

Harriet the Spy - Unfuckwithable - LP, very rare version, but I won't describe unless you care.

Tight Bros from way back when - Runnin' Thru My Bones - LP

Slint 10" Untitled

Sonic Youth/ Jim O'Rourke SYR 3 clear vinyl

Will Oldham "Joya"

Shellac "at Action park"

My Bloody Valentine "Loveless" original pressing on Creation

June of 44 "The Anatomy of Sharks"

Modest Mouse "This is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about" double LP

Mouse on Mars "Autoditacker"

Milemarker "Anasthetic" pink vinyl

Shotmaker / Maximillian Colby split

Slash "The Early Sessions" v/a X, Gun Club, Germs, Fear, Violent Femmes 1983

Dance Disaster Movement "We Are From Nowhere"

90 Day Men - To Everybody - LP

Storm and Stress - Self Titled Double LP

Dillinger Four - This Shit Is Genius - LP half black/ half green -sold to Carlos

Twelve Hour Turn - Bend Break Spill - 10", dark red

Swans - The Burning World - LP

Swans - Holy Money - LP

Articles of Faith - Give Thanks - LP 1992 Re-Issue

Articles of Faith - Complete Vol. 1 - LP

Articles of Faith - Complete Vol. 2 - LP

Holier Than Thou? - The Hating of the Guts - LP

The Futures - Electric Wave from the underworld - LP

Stephen Brodsky (from Cave In, dudes) - Expose Your Overdubs - LP, clear

Nine Shocks Terror - Zen and the art of beating your ass - LP, gray marble

Aaritila - Ja Kaikki.. - LP

Fasts - Self Titled - LP

Diskonto - We are the people our parents warned us about - LP

Articles of Faith - Core - LP

Negazione - 100% - LP

Black Cross - Art Offensive - LP, gold, Limited Edition

The Rites - S/T - LP

Killed By Death #5 - LP Reissue on Gold

Rocky and The Sweden - THC - LP

Government Issue - Give Us Stabb or Give Us Death - LP

Gorilla Angreb - Bedre Tider - LP

Feederz - Ever feel like killing your boss? - LP reissue

Warzone - Lower East Side - 10"

Cut The Shit - Harmed and Dangerous - LP

Vitamin X - Down The Drain - LP, orange marble

Caustic Christ - Can't Relate - LP, green

Lost Sounds - Future Touch - LP -sold to Carlos

Government Issue - Joy Ride - LP

Seven Inches-

Code 13/ DS13 split - first issue with the sexy artwork 7"

Caustic Christ / Intense Youth! split - 7"

Insult/Ruido split 7"

Dead Nation - Painless - 7"

Paintbox - Cry of the sheeps - 7"

Breakfast - Eat Rice - 7"

Left For Dead / Ochre - Split 7"

Men's Recovery Project - Botanica Mysteria - 7"

The Freeze - Guilty Face - 7"

The Freeze - I hate tourists / don't forget me tommy - 7"

Tokyo Electron - Will put a charge on you - 7"

Black Eyes - Some Boys/ Shut Up, I never - 7"

The Promise - My True Love - 7"

Code 13 - A Part of America Died Today - 7" orange

Code 13 - We will fight them in the streets - 7" Gray marble

Code 13 - They Made a Wasteland and called it peace - 7" Green

Amdi Petersens Arme - Blod Ser Mere Virkelict Ud Pa Film - 7"

Teenage Fan Club - Everybody's Fool - 7"

Surf Nazis Must Die - Anti-Everything - 7" 13/100 with armband

Desmond Outcast and the Transplanted Heroes - 7"

Flipper single "Flipper Twist/Fucked Up" on Matador

Less Than Jake "Smoke Spot"

The Get Up Kids "Love Teller"

Cheetah Chrome and Jeff Dahl 7" red

Pink Eye EP 7" pink vinyl

Bruce Banner - I Love Fucked Up Noise! - 7"

L'amico Di Martucci 7"

The Fairfuck EP 7"

Catheter / Black Market Fetus split 7"

EDIT: More 7"s added

Circus Lupus picture disc

Crash Smash Explode The "Lava" Record

Drats Slaves to Darkness blue

EX-iGNOTA Lazarus is Back


Fury Ressurection

Hail Mary Not Live

Harriet the Spy Summer 1998 Tour

Harriet the Spy Circle-A Indicator

Harriet the Spy/Fat Day Split

Hate Times Nine Khristmas in Kuwait green

Heroin s/t paper bag

Intense Youth Self-Destruct

Men's Recovery Project Normal Man

Men's Recovery Project Botanic Mysteria

Men's Recovery Project Paralogy picture disc

Monorchid When the Mutes Come..

P.J.S. A Life in Fear

Robot Has Werewolf Hand The Love and Destruction EP

Sewage/ Hammerbrain Love Song/Cheap

Tarot Bolero Romance

The Fucking Champs/Tight Bros From Way Back When split

The Man I Fell in Love With EP

Three Mile Pilot Red Sensing/Sewn to Our Side clear

Toe to Toe Southpaw

V/A The Lovitt Empire

V/A Counter Culture Comp. import w/ d.s. 13, the swarm, end 32 and slang

V/A Songs From the Gutter boils, brother inferior, seein' red, et al

V/A Mandatory Marathon w/ charles bronson, capitalist casualties, palatka, et al

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2 Re: Buy my shit/Where should I sell these? on Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:22 am

I'd buy 3 of those Code 13 7"s from you if you could ship them.

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3 Re: Buy my shit/Where should I sell these? on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:36 am

Not sure if anyone cares, but I ended up listing everything on Discogs. Y'all should make some offers on what is left.


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4 Re: Buy my shit/Where should I sell these? on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:45 am

I'm broke. How about just giving me stuff?
C'mon, you know you want to.

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5 Re: Buy my shit/Where should I sell these? on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:50 am

Join the damn club. Life/unemployment sux.

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