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PROTESTANT (Milwaukee Hardcore Punk on tour) // Saturday October 6th 2012 // Detroit @ Jumbo's Bar

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Detroit @ Jumbo's Bar
7:30 PM / 5$

PROTESTANT - Milwaukee Hardcore Punk / Crust, on tour. Awesome band, awesome people. Old dudes.
SCUM - Detroit Raw Filthy Punx D-Beat Crust Noise aaaahhhhhhhh!
MARROW - D-Beat Punkitas smashing ear drums like woah. (First Show!)
SUPPRESSULANT - Windsor Powerviolence
CLOUD RAT - Bananaphones & Blastbeats

Celebrate the coming harvest with friends, DIY Punk style.

All Ages?

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Go to the Cynarae show on the 4th and then this. Both shows will be fucking awesome.

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Protestant is a good band to see.

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I'll be seeing Jerry Seinfeld at the Fox that day. I'll come by afterwards to kiss you Rorik.

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Protestant is fucking awesome. Hopefully I can get the day off work and come out to this.

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awesome! I'll reprint that flyer and post a few around Ann Arbor.

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Damn, what a show. Will be there after work.

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You really need to start supporting the scene.

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Is the band called Marrow or Able Archer? Or are they separate bands and if so, which one is playing?

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Remember ICING? Yeah, gonna ICE Rorik right before Cloud Rat's set at this show.

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sadheeb :..( wrote:Remember ICING? Yeah, gonna ICE Rorik right before Cloud Rat's set at this show.

So glad that died.

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15 Venue Change! Jumbo's instead of Gulag on Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:00 am

Hey everyone interested in this show,

The Caid told us this weekend that they are supposedly having a soul night party till 4am down below where we live at the Caid.
So the Gulag will not be hosting this show.
It has been moved to Jumbos Bar
The address is: 3736 3rd St. Detroit, MI
The show will happen the same day just the venues change.
Spread the word.
Kyle (Scum)

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is the show the same time or are we now on "bar time" ?

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Show will start around 730.
Marrow is playing not able archer

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you could have just started the show at 4am at the gulag silly

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Marrow has changed their name how many times now??? :p

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