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Looking to start hardcore band in Marquette!

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1 Looking to start hardcore band in Marquette! on Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:39 pm

My name is Aaron (Ron) and I have songs written, kind of fast, short, and legit breakdowns like Trash Talk, Bracewar, Down To Nothing etc. There's a short explanation of lyrics and then a long one.

Shortened they are kind of positive along the lines of Champion, The First Step, Get the Most.

Long version I got really inspired by The Sea Wolf by Jack London over the antagonist, Wolf Larsen. Essencially he believes in nothing but a mans will to get whatever he wants, at the expense of anything. He is morally flawed, which leaves most people with a disrespect for him, but his actions, the way he speaks, his eyes, everything commands your respect because he makes you know that he will come out on top in this life. And his logic is hard to argue with because although it's morally flawed, it is so logical everything he says makes sense whether you hate it or not. My explanation does no justice toward Jack Londons description of this character and I recommend reading it.
What I take from this character is not all the immoral aspects of his philosophy, but the inspiration to take what I want, achieve what I want, without always worrying or making excuses.
This is where a lot of the lyrics come from, about getting what you want.

Writing these songs has helped me be more confident and feel better about myself and I really want to play them in a band. Idealy I want to be the frontman (singer)but I have also writen music to these songs (guitar)

So really what I'm looking for is guitar bass drums.

A little bit about me, I spent the last couple years in Metro Detroit playing in the indie/pop punk band Front of Resistance. Before that I did a lot of work with my solo project Acoustic Front of Resistance. I played drums in the hardcore band Stoned Hessians. Played in some ska punk bands and shit. People I really respect would be Andrew Bird, Edward Abbey, Terence Mckenna, Artie Shaw, Dostoyevsky, Andres Segovia, Stic Man, Sam Phillips, Jim Harrison, Hemingway, etc. I love cooking, woodworking, the outdoors, fitness, reading.

Let me know if any of this sounds interesting to you, I need an outlet for anger. The songs are heavy and in your face and the shows will be intense!


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