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Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


(lost?? Message Brandon or call\text 616-308-2135- holla)

8:00 PM

$3-$5 = SUPPORT for touring bands! Buy records!

Ahhhh Michigan basements cheers Remember that rotten ass musty smell that came straight outta the lower level of G-Ma's crib? In that good way? The one that totally flooded wayyy back in like 78' and the krew only KINDA cleaned it? No disinfectant or dry rag? The one that if you went downstairs too fast or played with your dolls too long in the basement gutter muck you'd get that kinda rad head rush? The type of fester spot that you can only straight up find in the Midwest and totally makes sense of the shit shiny reality that's right on the streets above - Batman cave sewer crawl style. THIS is that spot and the birthplace to the rot and decay of stinky capitalist excrement. - THIS is that bat-cave = !!! VIDEODROME !!! and THIS is the perfect soundtrack for the spot =
Music for the moldy people. Perfect breeding grounds for misfits and miscreants - and totally awesome and essential forward thinking socio-politically charged crusty punk rock fastness. - Heroes are BORN in basements - TIP!!!!

DISOBEY - Hailing from the depths of New Jersey in proper 'DIS'-band style - Totally crushing crusty d-beat hardcore destruction. Pummeling guitar riffs and breakdowns. Impossibly guttural low end distorted bass - Kinda sounds like being crushed under a Peruvian earthquake while eating WAY too many pop rocks while having a cavity and taking an oi! boot to the mouth. HURTS SO GOOD!

GREENWASHED - FIRST SHOW!!! Get stoked. Unreal fastness - Like quicksand that was actually quick cross-bred with lightning and fastcore riffs and blastbeats. Seriously - RAGING - I know ya'll hear and see 'PuNk RocK RaGeR' but this is IT!!! I've been so lucky as to hear the recordings of this band - and it's like WOAH- sorta like that Black Rob song - but way heavier. And with incredibly better lyrics. Members of Xtra Vomit\Chumm and countless other underground felonies. ESSENTIAL

D.S.S. - Ripping rock n' rollers. Almost genre defying. Blasts coupled with some of the most manic ass spazzy guitar riffs and rap attack vocals. Put Bizzy Bone in a hardcore band and with some boxing gloves and\or brass knuckles and D.S.S. is born. LOVE THESE DUDES - Tearing the place down and getting stoked for a big tour coming up. COP THE DEMO - DEMO THE COPS - MANDATORY LISTENING

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Links to bands and whatnot got blocked since I lost my old account and had to make a new one...can't post external links for 7 days as a new member??! OUCH - PM me for links to bands \ other info - SEE YOU THERE


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disobey kicks ass, nishad is an awesome dude, people should definatly hit this up......unfortunatly i cant Sad

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DISOBAAAAY: http://disobey.bandcamp.com

De Ess Ess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JioceJTip24

Greenwashed: http://www.algore.com

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