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1 HELP SCUM NEED VAN on Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:09 pm

So Scum is booking this 2 week tour from August 3rd to the 16th arriving back in Detroit the 17th.
We have been getting the shows booked and they are falling into line.
We originally had a van set and ready to go, but the person loaning it to us totally bailed.
So as of now we have multiple shows booked out of state while we are booking more and have been searching for a van.
We are contacting everyone we can get ahold of with a van or vehicle able to hold a guitar amp bass amp and drum kit and our 4 smelly asses.
So if anyone reading this has a van that they would either:
a. trade their van for the time period above for a regular sized car
b. come with us for 2 weeks driving through the country listening to loud music in a different city every night

tour information can be found on dbeatrawscum.blogspot.com
to contact Scum directly call my phone: 248-342-0602 (KYLE)

thanks for taking the time to read this
-Kyle, Dave, Joe

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