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Speedy ortiz on tour,Esper,Courtesy spit, Green washed first show @ the trumbullplexx JULY 30th potluck

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Doors at 730 5$
SPEEDY ORTIZ- grunge.on tour from conneticut
GREEN WASHED- fast fast first show from grand rapids and Muskegon.
Members from xtra vomit
ESPER- bootgazers from Detroit members of cloud rat/live to kil
COURTESY SPIT- skew town sludge
Bring some food bring some friends. Mondays suck. This will make it better.[right]

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Wish i could get down for this but im all tapped out

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Liked everything about this show til I read Trumbullplex.

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Sorry dude. We have to take a break from my house Sad
It will still be ragin.

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5 flyer on Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:56 pm


dont know why the flyer cut off
see the whole thing through the link below


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Courtesy Spit = Best newish band in Michigan.
Speedy Ortiz are fucking awesome.
Esper are dreamy, so good.
Can't wait to hear a new band with XV members.
This show is going to rule. Not sure if I can make it though... ugh.

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Go go go Esper demo....possibly! Smile

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