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July 19th 2012 @ The Temple House in Muskegon // Post Michigan Meltdown // Republic of Dreams (Germany), Renegade Assault Tank (Illinois), Courtesy Spit, Cloud Rat, Xtra Vomit, Old Soul

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The rain put the kebosh on our beach trip Sad

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I saw lightning just outside of GR on my way back

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Best Michigan show I've been to in a while. Every band ruled, the energy in the room was insane and positive. Fuck yes.

And the beach trip ended up working out and was tons o' fun.

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If you would have had Cappelletti with you, it would have been safe to swim. He would have protected you because as we all know he can be a bit of a...

lightning rod.

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Rorik wrote:And the beach trip ended up working out and was tons o' fun.

That's what I get for being a pessimist. It all worked out nicely.

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