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Rekkids for sale.

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1 Rekkids for sale. on Thu May 17, 2012 3:43 pm

Trying to fund//clear space for my move.


Brody's Militia/Vöetsek/Widespread Bloodshed


Amargado de la Vida compilation including Sin Orden/Sin Dios/Frenterrorizmo/Seres Humanos

Punx Don't Drink compilation including Poison Planet/Boiling Over/Cold Shoulder/Coke Bust

Acid Reflux- s/t

Acid Reflux- Secret Power

Alert! Alert!- First Aid

Agathocles/Archagathus split

Agoraphobic Nosebleed- The Glue That Binds Us

Birds of a Feather- Chapter 5

Birth Control- Going to Target

Black Army Jacket- Path of Two Swords As One

Blank Stare- s/t

Boiling Over- Trash City

Born Against- s/t

Bury the Living- Bathed in Blood & Climbing Over the Dead

Canadian Rifle-s/t

Christdriver- Your Vision Binds Me

Cloak Dagger- s/t

Conflict Resolution- s/t

Crispus Attucks- ¡Yo Pého!

Cult Ritual- 1st EP

Cult Ritual- 3rd EP

Deep Sleep- Manic Euphoria

Deep Sleep- Paranoid Futures

Deep Sleep- You're Screwed

Direct Control- s/t

DMA- Total Thrash

Drunkdriver- Fire Sale

Econochrist- Skewed

Engage- Calling Forth

Etacarinae- s/t

Formaldehyde Junkies- s/t

Funeral Shock- s/t

Hip-Cops- Gate

I Hate This- s/t

I Hate This- serious

In Defence/ Birds of a Feather split

In Defence/ Black Market Fetus split

I Object/F.P.O split

Massgrave- Survival of the Richest

Mob 47- s/t

Mosquito Bandito- Hello From Haiti

Mutiny- s/t

No Man's Slave- Siege Mentality

The Oath/Total Fury split

Obliteration- This is Tomorrow

Ok?- Everything is Going to Be

Poison Planet- Oblivious

Psyched To Die- Sterile Walls

Roskopp- Eviscerated Soul

Securicor- Only in Death

Smart Cops- Cominciare a Vivere

Smart Cops- U.S. Tour '09

Spoonful of Vicodin- s/t

State of Fear- Wallow in Squalor

Taking Liberties- s/t

Thought Crusade- Common Man

Da Toddlers- Dis-Wine Madness

Total Fury/Pandamonium Tour 2007



Humminbird of Death/Chainsaw to the Face split

Rainbow of Death- s/t


Brain Handle- s/t (ltd tour version /300)

Bread and Water- s/t

Brutal Truth- Evolution through Revolution

Career Suicide- Invisible Eyes

Caustic Christ- Can't Relate

Caustic Christ- Lycanthropy

Contempt- Who Needs Diplomacy?

Crude- Immortality

Double Negative- The Wonderful and Frightening World of Double Negative

DS-13- Killed by the Kids

The Endless Blockade- Primitive

Eyehategod- Dopesick

Have Fun- s/t

Hjertestop- Musik For Dekadente Ører

I Attack- s/t

Insect Warfare- World Extermination

Look Back and Laugh- s/t

Los Crudos/Spitboy split (ltd silk-screened envelope)

9 Shocks Terror- Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass

No Slogan- Aversion Therapy

Positive Reinforcement- s/t (/300)

Rösvett- Boil-Mats Bjuder På Bullkalas & Kaffe 1984-1987

Terminal Youth- s/t

Vitamin X- Bad Trip

Weekend Nachos- Punish & Destroy

... and ... A Tribute to Anti-Cimex with Wolfbrigade, Doom, Disclose, Avskum, Singergia, Diskonto, Detestation, Nailbiter.

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2 Re: Rekkids for sale. on Thu May 17, 2012 4:44 pm


Caustic Christ- Can't Relate
Caustic Christ- Lycanthropy
Insect Warfare- World Extermination
Look Back and Laugh- s/t
9 Shocks Terror- Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass
Terminal Youth- s/t

can you pm me with a quote or do you want me to make an offer?

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