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UPDATED: Poison Planet - Boycott Everything EP now available.

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Not Normal Tapes started taking pre-orders on our next release, the Boycott Everything EP.

NNT #015 - Our first co-release (w/ ThirdXParty Records) is the American pressing of Poison Planet - Boycott Everything. Five tracks of intense, ripping Hardcore that sounds like CoC and Discharge really dug the Plastic Surgery Disasters LP. Uncompromisingly political, PxP is out to prove that the Vegan Straight Edge isn't about bullshit dunks or dogmatic assholes, but making a conscious effort to fight back against the industries and institutions that have their boot to your fucking neck.

Poison Planet - Boycott Everything will be a one-sided 12", with screen printed B-Side, and a 24" x 36" poster.

We can fight, We can win.

We also just release a few sick tapes as well:

NNT#012 - Condenada - Discografia - After two records, the rumors were swirling (mostly among our own lame brained friends) that we had forgotten our proud and (self)-lauded trade of tape making. Nonsense ramblings from a buncha fucking mutants, and we're proud to announce our return to the tape world, Condenada - Discografia. 15 track pro-tape covering their entire recorded output (Condenada EP, split w/ Sin Orden, Mother Tongue, and an abandoned split w/ CA's Bruise Violet). Absolutely punishing, driving hardcore punk from Chicago, these ladies were/are a force to be reckoned with. Do yourself a favor and pick this up.

NNT#013 - Recide - Demo II - The great nation of Texas has long been home to some of history's greatest HC Punk bands. Recide continues that proud tradition by blasting through seven tracks in under seven minutes of Koro/Void influenced jams. No nonsense, no frills, just the anxiety and desperation spawned from being young weirdos from the middle of nowhere.

Be the first punk on yer block to get your filthy mitts on these.

Head over to the shop at www . notnormal . bigcartel . com

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Stoked for this. Pxp is one of my favorite bands doing things right now bounce Basketball Very Happy

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Not Normal Tapes wrote:Straight Edge isn't about bullshit dunks

Fade Away Jumper agrees....

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Bump. Poison Planet - Boycott Everything pre-orders/subscriber orders have now shipped. It's now for sale. Huge distro update along with the release, Sorry State and Perennial Records, Toronto jams, and much more.

Listen to Poison Planet - Boycott Everything

Buy Poison Planet - Boycott Everything

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