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Detroit thrash (FFO: Megadeth, Armored Saint, Sodom, Diamond Head)

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Hey all,
I'm putting out this record (Welcome to Detroit Destruction) next month with the band (half them, half me); check it out, buy an album, make a few jokes (I've made more than a few), and enjoy. It's at least worth taking a look at the music videos, since those are two of the songs on the album.

Axe Ripper is a new up-and-coming melodic metal band out of Detroit; imagine Megadeth circa 1990, playing Sodom’s music with a unique tinge, with John Bush in the early days of Armored Saint on vocals. Even that is only a shell of what Axe Ripper is and represents. The new full-length “Welcome to Detroit Destruction” is due out on Pirated Records on 4/20/2012. Here are two music videos that they’ve done for a taste of the album.
Losing Streak:
(Welcome to) Detroit Destruction:
To contact the band, e-mail hashthrashers@gmail.com.
To contact Pirated Records, e-mail auntysocialdri@yahoo.com

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im 25 seconds into the welcome to detroit destruction music video. why can't any of my bands do anything this bad ass?

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