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Hollow Earth (new band with dudes from other bands)

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2 songs from their upcoming e.p. "We Are Not Humanity"



What man built up the wind and rain tore down
The fields he cleared the jungle fought to reclaim
Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree
If all of mankind perished utterly
There will come soft rains
And the smell of the ground
There will come soft rains
And swallows circling with shimmering sound
And wild plum trees in tremulous white
Immersed in the chorus of singing at night
There will come soft rains
And not one will know of the war, not one...
And Spring herself when she woke at dawn
Would scarcely know that we were gone


We are the parasitic blight of the world
An overpopulated horde of competitors
In competition for the scarcely limited
Resources of the earth
Standing armies with weapons in hand
In pursuit of imperial wealth
Unknowingly we forge our path to cultural collapse
With valor and confidence
We spread our wings and step off the edge
And in the freedom of the air
We claim victory
Despite the warning signs of vital disrepair
We'll defy gravity and remain in flight
And with godlike impunity
We cast our shadow unflinchingly
Upon our desire to thrive
But after centuries of perpetual dissension
The end is now in sight
Collapsing, as we plummet to our demise
Failing, closing the gap between the dirt and the ash
Crumbling, as we deliver our final prayers
Descending, upon a bed of nails in a fiery hell
For the cinders are now blazing red
Beneath the cauldron of our culture
For ten thousand years
This fire has scorched the earth
No gods or prophets to lift this curse
So now here we are
At the crux in the wake of such loss
We stand on the precipice of human extinction
We stand on the precipice of
Ten thousand years in dissent
Propagated by a thirst for dominance
Break the chains and relent
Or we shall perish by the rite of the damned

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So fucking good. And those lyrics. GOD DAMN.

Love it!!!

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Those lyrics are BADASS!

I love the "humanity is doomed" theme. Cuz... seriously... we are doomed.

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Shit's so good.

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