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Great Reversals "To the Ends of the Earth" E.P.

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Just wanted to share that the songs Great Rev recorded this past summer are actually going to see the light of day.

American Enemy Records from Kansas City will be releasing them as a 10", Indelirium Records from Italy will be releasing them on CD. Both versions should be out in the spring.

The first song "Open Wounds" is streaming on the American Enemy Facebook if you're interested. www.facebook.com/americanenemyrecords

Here are the lyrics:

"Open Wounds"

And so its been said that time heals all heartache.
7 years gone and it still hasn’t mended a thing.
My first born son, still an empty shell,
head in my hands, seeking escape from this living hell.
Every day is like a funeral, without closure’s clear embrace.
And the story of life feels like a tale of lies
when staring back from every page is the reaper’s fucking face.
Its been said that if you ask you shall receive. (Sometimes its hard to believe.)
So hey God, are you sitting on your hands?
How much more of his childhood lost, each day, an incalculable cost.
Is there a lesson I’ve yet to learn or will these open wounds continue to burn?
I need answers, still no answers.
No progress. No healing.
I need answers, still no answers.
No connection, just stagnancy.
I need you to hear me.
Still no answers, still no answers.

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Fuck YES!

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On another note, those lyrics are absolutely crushing.
I can't wait for this record!

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Sounds awesome. Glad you guys went to Jay, recording with him was great.

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this band was good live. never heard any of their records though.........

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maersk wrote:this band was good live. never heard any of their records though.........

You can download everything they've done thus far, a demo and a split, on their blog I believe, as well as hear some newer demos. http://greatreversals.blogspot.com/

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hell yeah will buy

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ive listened to that new song like five times now. those lyrics hit like a brick wall.

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My favorite band. I'm so happy about this. Also, those are the best lyrics I've read in a while.

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Song #2, "No Compass" is now streaming at:

The record will be out on April 24th.
Here's the lyrics:
Guest vocals by Jimmy Lawson

“No Compass”

Abandoned. Left behind in a maze.
A labyrinth with no way out.
Here we are, no road map.
Clamoring for a compass (no compass)
while I plea for someone, for something,
to bear witness to our plight.
With eyes affixed on the sun
tho shining ever brightly,
sharing no insight
winds whisper secrets in concealed tongues.

Longing for order, or even the illusion of order
to make sense of this torment.
Canvassing time and space.
Memories of expectations set,
expectations never met.
Life lived through the lens of normalcy.
But nothing is as was imagined,
and the rabbit hole,
the rabbit hole grows ever abysmal.
Grasping at straws, half-answered prayers,
foot prints we find lead nowhere.
Desperate for a sense of home.
Desperate for a sense of wholeness,
anything to take away, the loneliness.
Somehow I suspect the answer sought lies within.
And within is where we will create new worlds
and bright futures out of old ideas.
Forging faith from broken blueprints.
Somehow I suspect the answer sought lies within.
As far as the east is from the west,
I’ll walk this path until my last breath.
As far as the east is from the west
I’ll walk this path until my last breath.

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the last two lines gave me chills when i read them. amazing work guys; i can't stress this enough.

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You can go stream the whole thing here. Do it up!

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Go get that shit:

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