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Anyone interested in starting a band similar to Bad Religion?

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I want to start something up that's in the vein of shit like Bad Religion, old Offspring, Pennywise, and later Descendents (like around the time they put out songs like "Lucky").

Is there anyone out there that would be interested in doing something like this? I'd be doing vocals. I live in Oakland County and have a PA and a jam space.

If so, just comment on here or PM me and let me know.

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^^^ That's the LP cover.

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joe palleschi would probably be into that I think hes posted or tweeted or FBed bout wanting to start a BR type band.

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xJohnx wrote:joe palleschi would probably be into that I think hes posted or tweeted or FBed bout wanting to start a BR type band.

All the while, we're hashing out a new batch of No Control jams. Twisted Evil

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Oh my God, you really did just upload that video today. hahahaha Fuck my stupid life.

And thanks, John. I'll try and get ahold of Joe and bring it up to him.

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So that is a no? Mad

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Naw man, you're in!!!

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It'd be sweet to be in a br type band but prove you aren't a turd first....

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Well, I am quite a fucking turd, so that may prove to be incredibly difficult.

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but you do have a jam space.... so i may want to jam something in there...
id play bass for this if you find people. bounce bounce bounce bounce

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I'm too busy to be in another band. And seems like Brian already has bass covered so...

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Yeah man. I have the jam space which also has several PAs, spare equipment if anyone needs it.

I can keep you updated for sure. I found some drummers/guitarists interested as well.

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