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PREORDER: Ramlord / Condensed Flesh Cassettes.!.!.!

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Not really a spot for ads, so ill put this here.

Hey, this label I started is releasing its first cassette. It’s by two bands from the small but devoted New Hampshire punk community.

First is Ramlord, they play Blackened Stenchcore, reminiscent of Dystopia or Disrupt to give you an idea.

Second is Condensed Flesh they play straight noisy raw black metal. This is something you definitely want to checkout.

This is limited to 90 yellow tapes, professionally pressed. $4 ppd USA, $6 Canada, $8 World. Preorders are up at stimulationaddict.blogspot.com

Listen Here: soundcloud.com/stimulation-addict

And since Im new here I’ll leave a link to my eBay feedback. feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=colincatc&ftab=AllFeedback


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I finally got the Ramlord / Condensed Flesh cassettes if anyone wants one. I have 28 left so don’t wait. You can pick it up here:

I also have some great distro titles by these bands: FOREIGN OBJECTS, Culo, Instangd, Artic Flowers, Rational Animals, Hard Skin, and a bunch more.

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