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Cloud Rat / Inerds split battle set at Buffalo Vaggie Fest #2

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This is video from a fest that we played last weekend. We did a dual set with Inerds (Buffalo) and it worked out really well. At a couple points Adrian (Cloud Rat drummer) and Moezes (Inerds drummer) were playing together improvised, as well as vocalists trading off a bit.
This whole weekend was such a blast. We did this same dual style set at the Tower in Cleveland two nights prior with a band called Not My Problem. So much fun.

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any fights at the tower?

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Geeheeb wrote:any fights at the tower?

Adrian got in a fight with every ramp and set of stairs in cleveland that night. Corey from Inerds got hit in the ankle with a cinder block by cody/flies. And fireworks were lit off throughout the show, causing near asphyxiation. All in all, a good, rowdy time.

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at least Inerds got to play a sweet ass split set,
even if they didn't make shut up fest.

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welp, just sat on my toilet for a half hour. only dropped a couple semi solidified turds. Laughing

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